Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Services of Aegis Title Associates, LLC

Title Examination

We are thorough.  Our title examination is not a data entry clerk typing whatever is on the title report; it is Debi or Alan reading the Deeds, mortgages, declarations, agreements and judgment reports, finding the problems, and then solving the problems. Our clients just love that!

If the settlement is for a purchase and a location drawing (survey) is required, Debi or Alan will review the survey, comparing it to the subdivision plat, legal description, and any easements or declarations that are recorded. If your future neighbor’s fence is “wandering” into the yard of your new home, we will let you and your real estate agent know about it immediately!

Preparation and Recordation of All Required Documents

The Law Firm of Alan R. Engel can prepare any and all legal documents required to complete your real estate transactions. Deeds, Powers of Attorney, Contracts of Sale, Land Installment Contracts, Escrow Agreements, even loan documents for our private lender clients.

After the settlement is completed and all documents have been executed, Aegis Title Associates, LLC will send the documents, along with additional paperwork and all needed checks, to our abstractor for recording. We follow up with the abstractor to make sure that the documents have been property recorded at the courthouse.

Each courthouse has different recording requirements. With over 90 years of combined title and legal experience, Aegis Title Associates, LLC has the wherewithal to get the job done right.

Deeds to Change Title

Through the Law Offices of Alan R. Engel, we can prepare Deeds for title transfers due to death, divorce, remarriage, other life changes, or, if needed, for estate planning purposes. Part of the title transfer process involves working with the various county courthouses to ascertain if any transfer taxes will be due, as well as knowing which supporting affidavits and any other required documentation will be needed.