Wednesday, May 25, 2022

About Aegis Title Associates, LLC

Over the years we have gained a reputation for our customer service, professional approach, and flexibility. We are independently owned and operated. We are not owned by or financially obligated to any real estate broker or lender. No one pulls our strings. We always look out for our clients’ best interest. Being independent also allows us, where appropriate, to refer business to our clients and to offer them networking opportunities.

We do it ourselves. Which means that we conduct all of our own settlements. No circuit riders or traveling notaries. There are 6 licensed settlement officers here, ready to work. AND our clients get a plain-language explanation of all of the settlement documents presented to them. Legalese is not spoken here.

We are human. When you call our office during normal business hours (heck, sometimes even during abnormal business hours), you will be greeted by a member of our friendly, client-focused staff. Yes, a living, breathing human being, who cares about you and wants to help you. We do not use an automated answering machine during business hours. Your blood pressure will not rise as you punch button after button, seeking relief. We’re here!

We care. We are involved with the Pasadena Business Association, Northern Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce, Greater Baltimore Board of Realtors, Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber, National Association of Independent Land Title Agents (NAILTA), Maryland Land Title Association, American Land Title Association, Chesapeake Arts Center, and our local schools, working with them to help the needy.

We know people. Lots of them. Between our memberships in Business Networking International (“BNI”), Leads Club International, Network Referral Group (“NRG”) and the various chambers, we can help you find anyone from an architect to a webmaster. We pride ourselves on being the “go-to people” for our clients. Kind of like a one stop shop, without the strings attached (the “independent” thing again).

Customer Service

Our friendly, client-focused staff is consistently cited as among the top reasons people choose Aegis Title Associates, LLC. Our staff’s experience and professionalism is matched only by its courtesy and dedication to serving the individual client. Being a local, independent company, we can assist our clients more directly than our larger competitors. Here at Aegis, we treat all clients as individuals, not just names and numbers.

Professional Staff

Aegis Title Associates, LLC employs some of the most dedicated and experienced title professionals in the industry. Our staff of seven employees consists of full time title professionals, including two in-house attorneys and six licensed closing agents with many years of experience in the industry. The same people have worked here for years – no turnover here!

Location and Convenience

We have cars and we use them. You need to settle at 6 pm… at your home? No problem. We don’t have “office hours” – we are independent and don’t punch a time clock for corporate! We have settled in truck stops, liquor stores, Starbucks, Borders, nursing homes, hospitals, bank branches, real estate offices, mortgage offices, and workplaces. We also have two conference rooms available for our clients who like to visit our beautiful office and eat the candy.

Driving Directions

We are conveniently located in Suite 223 at 808 Landmark Drive
(4 miles south of the Baltimore Beltway, I-695).

  • From westbound MD-100: Take Quarterfield Road (MD-174) and go 1/2 mile west to Landmark Drive.
  • From I-97: Take Quarterfield Road (MD-174) and go 1/4 mile east to Landmark Drive.
  • From eastbound MD-100 (the BW Parkway and I-95): Take MD-100 east to I-97 south to Quarterfield Road (MD-174) and go 1/4 mile east to Landmark Drive.

Once on Landmark Drive:

  • Take Landmark Drive to the end.
  • Turn left at the stop sign.
  • Go between buildings 808 and 810.
  • Turn left.
  • Go to the middle of the rear of Building 808.
  • Walk across the bridge to enter Suite 223.