Saturday, June 10, 2023
What Is a Title Company?

A title company oversees the interests of, and is responsible to, all people involved in a real estate settlement - the buyer, seller, lender and the real estate agent. Prior to the settlement, the title company examines the history of the property to make sure that the title is free of any liens or claims. The title company organizes the transfer of money and property at the time of closing. At the settlement table, the title company collects and distributes funds from ...

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Complete Real Estate Title Services for

  • Realtors
  • Home Buyers
  • Mortgage
  • Banks
  • Attorneys
  • For Sale By Owner
Do I Really Need Title Insurance?

You have wisely enlisted the services of a licensed Realtor as your Buyers Agent and she has helped you find a house that you’re ready to own. You have already been pre-approved for a mortgage and you expect the house to appraise for the purchase price. You safely assume that your loan will be approved. So what exactly are you purchasing and how do you know that the seller can rightfully sell it to you? How do you protect your interests?

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